What is Healthy Sexuality?

Healthy Sexuality is the integration of our human capacity as sexual beings (all aspects of life and phases of development from conception to death) to enhance and enrich life.

To get some of our perspective on sexuality, watch this clip: https://youtu.be/q9B1UKT7sno. Andre was interviewed by Dr Luke (someone who provides medical health video clips that go throughout Africa) to start an education process with people on what healthy sexuality is.

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Workshops & counselling


Within the covenant of marriage, God planned for us to experience deep, vulnerable, playful, intense, joy-filled relating – and this includes good sex. Come and share a special meal with your sweetheart, interspersed with relevant and healthy insights that will change your marriage.

Price:   R700 per couple
Venue: to be confirmed
Date:   To be confirmed

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‘Understanding is the skin to loving’. (Paul Young – author of ‘The shack’)

In a world that is being torn apart by difference perspectives on gender, as believers of Christ, we need to know how to love better, so that people’s hearts can be healed and full. Join us for a 3 part series on ‘Understanding same-sex attraction’.

Part 1: Understanding God’s plan for sexuality development.
Part 2: Biblical stances on covenant and gender
Part 3: Life stories to help us love better.

Each part will be a 3 1/2 hour session on a separate morning. You do not have to go through the sessions consecutively, but completing all of them will certainly position you well to better love those struggling with same-sex attraction.

Price:   R150 per session + purchase of the study guide: ‘Basic sexuality – a Biblical perspective’.
R120 per person, per session if 8 or more people register together.

Venue: El Shaddai Christian Church

Dates: To be confirmed

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God has called men to:

  • Create significance in the world,
  • Move things forward,
  • Love deeply,
  • and Provide a safe environment in which communities can thrive. Unfortunately, easy access to pornography, poor sexual education, and misguided intimacy scripts (to name a few), have locked up this purpose and destiny in men.Come and enjoy a Friday night and Saturday morning’s worth of fun activities, teachings and discussions with other men. You can expect to be equipped to disciple, parent and lead young men, as we learn why porn is so appealing, but dangerous; and how we, and others, can be set free from its prison.

Price: R200 + purchase of the study guide: ‘Basic sexuality – a Biblical perspective’.

Venue: to be confirmed

Dates: To be confirmed

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Our sexuality includes our entire being, and can often become a source of deep shame that splinters us and hinders us from becoming the vital, fulfilled people we were created to be. It has been our privilege to help people deal with this pain and shame and find freedom.

Issues counselled include:

  • Sexual addictions
  • Overcoming sexual disorders
  • Those struggling with same-sex attraction

Price: R500 per session

Venue: Family Centre counselling room at El Shaddai Christian church.

Make an appointment: andre@wonderfullymade.org.za

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Basic Sexuality from a Biblical Worldview

This manual has been created to supplement our sexuality seminars. It is the basic information that will assist Christ believers to be educated on different aspects of our sexuality, from a Biblical Worldview.

Price: R80

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Join us on a journey where we ‘go back to go forward’, to become disciple-makers (group leaders to assist in sexuality support groups) who are settled in their God-given sexuality.

Price: R300

Tuesday 19 May (19:00 – 21:00) – Introduction and session 1
Thursday 21 May (19:00 – 22:00) – Session 2 and 3
Saturday 23 May (19:00 – 22:00) – Session 4 and 5
Tuesday 26 May (19:00 – 21:00) – Session 6 and conclusion

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Why does it matter?

‘Wonderfully made’ will assist Educators, Pastoral Carers, Counselors, Parents, Children, or anyone who is interested in encouraging or wanting to live a Sexually healthy existence.

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Intimacy – a building block that keeps the spark

The first earthly experience of intimacy that a child has is when he/she is held by his/her mother, and then noticed through visual contact. This is the first form of post-natal physical and emotional intimacy. Breastfeeding is a subsequent strong factor that develops intimacy, as the child is validated physically by the closeness to his/her …