Fighting Pornography

Why is Pornography such a distraction?  Why shouldn’t we look at it?  What’s the difference between porn and erotica?  When do we know that we’re addicted?  What are some of its consequences?  How can we break addiction to porn? …………….?

Pornography is said to be an epidemic in our western society, accruing a financial income of over 7 billion in 2007; affecting people of all ages, races, status and genders; tearing apart the fundamental value of family and marriage, and ultimately attacking the primary principle that all life ‘IS SACRED’, and precious.

In Isaiah 61, we are told that God gives us ‘beauty for ashes’, and addictions are the ashes of our passions being expressed incorrectly.  God’s desire is for all of us to receive His Beauty in these broken areas of our lives.  We all have deep human longings that are real; need to be filled, satisfied and enjoyed, BUT in a healthy way.  So, coming to terms with these longings, and finding God’s way to express them is the ultimate key to becoming free from any addiction – including pornographic addiction.  So in order to help people get free from pornographic addiction we need to: understand the longings of the human heart; educate healthy sexuality; protect ourselves and our family from exposure to it; pray and heal people from the spiritual oppression it can create; and provide support and accountability.

This is why I will be speaking on this vast topic this weekend – if you’re in the area, we’d love to see you.

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