About André

Andre Webster has been happily married for 26 years and has two grown children that are a delight to him.

Andre attained an Honours degree in Human Movement studies and a Bachelors degree in  English, followed by a teaching Diploma. He taught teenagers for 5 years before helping establish a new High School and teaching there for a further 8 years. He later headed up a youth leadership programme for 5 years. He is now working full time in a Christian Ministry. Whilst teaching and in his years of ministry he has lead and co-ordinated short term mission experiences to Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and for 6 years to the San people in Ghansi, Botswana. Through these experiences he was concerned by the frequent incidence of people being troubled by shame, guilt, lack of self worth and feeling unnoticed in their sexuality, which undermined their confidence to pursue their life’s calling. He realized the dire need for people to have a healthy understanding of their sexuality from a Christian worldview.

He then studied Sexology through the South African Academy of Sexology, with a view to helping any and various parts of our community to embrace their sexuality and express it constructively. Our identity as individuals is key to our calling and purpose in life. We, as ‘Wonderfully Made’, are able to pose relevant questions, and allow people to reflect on their own life context and give permission to safely discuss sexuality. Our aim is that future generations will be impacted by the present generation taking responsibility to find wholeness in their sexuality. In this way we believe that many injustices can be stemmed and overcome.

Andre believes implicitly in Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour and the authority of The Bible, the Word of God. Therefore, all Sexuality counseling and presentations will be within a Biblical context, and from a Christian Worldview.