Areas Reached


We have developed day seminars and different kinds of activities to engage people around topics of healthy sexuality.  Thus far we have presented:

  • ‘Raising Sexually healthy 0-7-year-olds’ (day seminar);
  • ‘Defusing the Power of Pornography’ (Day seminar);
  • ‘Great Expectations’ (A ‘date night’ for couples around a meal);
  • ‘Sex – no shame’ (A 5 hour series of activities and teachings for youth);
  • ‘Understanding the power of intimacy’ (day seminar);
  • ‘Real Men’ (A day seminar looking at male Sexuality from a Biblical Worldview and its integration in a specific cultural group).
  • ‘Learning to Love’ (Understanding Same Sex Attraction from a Covenantal Biblical Worldview – 4 seminars)
  • ‘SSA Support Group’ (Video material to disciple family and friends of those that have chosen a Lifestyle that includes Same Sex Attraction)

Every child is unique, gifted with talents, a personality and body that have a very specific purpose to fulfill in the world.

Sexuality begins in the womb, and ends at death, and we want to assist people to understand and encourage their children to develop a healthy sense of self and knowledge of their sexuality. This is how children can become confident young men and women of purpose.
Parenting focuses will include:

  • Fetal development and the spiritual significance thereof
  • Children 0-4 years
  • Children 0-4 years
  • Children 4-6 years
  • Pre-adolescents
  • Adolescents
  • Young adult years

Other focuses will include:

  • Marriage
  • Singleness
  • Aging and it’s effects on sexuality
  • Gender Issues

Presentations / workshops / support groups (venue and fee to be negotiated).

Video presentations for SSA support group will be available in November 2019.

Please contact me, Andre Webster at:
0846062807 |

Services and Fees
Large group presentations – R1500 for up to an hour
Smaller group consultations – R1000 per hour
Private Counseling – R500 per hour
(Transport and accommodation costs will need to be negotiated separately)


Counsel will be provided, within a Biblical framework for anyone, couples or families, who have concerns about sexuality issues. These would include:

  • Understanding of sexual anatomical development
  • A Child’s acceptance and ability to cope with the sexuality changes that occur in the different stages of sexual development.
  • Understanding gender orientation issues (for individuals, as well as friends and family).
  • Parenting and Pornography
  • Pornography addiction
  • Pre-marital preparation
  • Enhancing sexuality and the joy of sex within marriage.
  • Understanding and coping with deviant sexual abberations.
  • Sexuality after divorce, or the loss of a partner.
  • Sexuality and the affects of aging.

The fee for counseling will be R500 per hourly session.
Please contact me, Andre Webster at:
0846062807 |



Prison Work
It is our belief that many sexual offences are the result of poor fathering where individuals have not been educated and nurtured concerning healthy sexuality. With this in mind, it is our intention to educate and provide workshops to assist offenders to be fathers , mothers, men and women that can express their sexuality in a healthy manner. It is our passion that offenders, on their release, will be able to be self disciplined in this area, and be able to positively effect the communities to which they return.

Education development (in the education and church sector)

Assisting educators, pastors, parents, leaders and counsellors with a clear understanding of healthy sexuality, and its ramifications to pupils, their families, and the community, is essential. We have been able to present on sexuality issues at teacher conferences, schools and churches.

‘Good men’ project

The sad reality of our high gender based violence and child abuse in South Africa, is rooted in toxic perceptions of masculinity and a man’s understanding of his sexuality. The ‘Good men’ project is a series of discipleship video clips that provide: sexuality information on a topic (e.g. masturbation, sex, lust, fathering etc.); interviews with other men from different cultures, and then a scriptural focus that will facilitate an act of obedience. The clips are to be used as a discipleship tool by men who are discipling other men. As men have engaged these video clips, they have experienced great relief, and found healthy strategies to cope with their sexual needs.

If you want access to these clips, please contact us at:


Services and Fees
Large group presentations – R1500 for up to an hour
Smaller group consultations – R1000 per hour
Private Counseling – R500 per hour
(Transport and accommodation costs will need to be negotiated separately)