Issues Covered


We have developed day seminars and different kinds of activities to engage people around topics of healthy sexuality.  Thus far we have presented:

  • ‘Raising Sexually healthy 0-7-year-olds’ (day seminar);
  • ‘Defusing the Power of Pornography’ (Day seminar);
  • ‘Great Expectations’ (A ‘date night’ for couples around a meal);
  • ‘Sex – no shame’ (A 5 hour series of activities and teachings for youth);
  • ‘Understanding the power of intimacy’ (day seminar).
  • ‘Real Men’ (A day seminar looking at male Sexuality from a Biblical Worldview and its integration in a specific cultural group).

All relationships, at all stages of our life, include sexuality. It’s God’s plan that we can all love one another as we love ourselves and our sexuality plays a significant role in this process. We will always encourage healthy relationships that integrate sexuality in a wholesome, Godly manner.


Integrating sexuality development into our whole being will create stability and confidence in all the other areas of our life – all relationships, our workplace etc.


While strong Christian opinions rage around the issue of gender orientation and it’s lifestyle, we would desire for people who are struggling with same sex attraction tendencies to have the freedom to express their pain, shame and confusion without being judged and condemned.
Same sex struggles are complicated, and we would feel privileged to assist anyone who is finding this part of their life difficult.