Support group for family members and friends of those who have chosen a gay lifestyle, or are struggling with same-sex attraction.


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A 6-week support group.

Often, when our loved ones make a choice to pursue same-sex relationships, little, or no, attention is given to the hearts of family and friends who did not make the choice, but face many of its consequences. We want to love the person that is struggling, but we are disappointed and confused about their decision. It is lonely and most of the time, we don’t know how to deal with it.

This group process helps family and friends to become Jesus disciples that can:

  • Safely express painful feelings, and
  • find helpful insights into how to love, without condoning unhealthy behaviour.

If you would like to become a leader of one of these groups, please click here to provide us with the necessary information to get you started on this fulfilling journey. Once we have connected with you, you can make the payment for the materials and download them for your group. We trust that you will use them wisely and acknowledge the work and intellectual property that has been made available through them.

The material for this support group includes:

  • A download for the ‘leaders’ guide’ with all the information on how to run the group
  • The ‘members’ guide’ download.
  • 6 video presentations (1 per week).

Price: R4000