What it’s about


Q:      Is sexuality about ‘sex’?
A:      It is not just about sex, but is mainly about the total expression of who we are as human beings’.

It includes:
  • The physical, psycho-intentional, cultural, social, spiritual being.
  • Gender acceptance within, and gender interaction outwardly, and encompasses our origin and our past.
  • Procreation, recreation and relationships.
  • The entire human experience of life, where it is shaped through many diverse influences (Lemmer 2015:13-15).


Q:      Why should I embrace my uniqueness as an individual?
A: God has made every person uniquely, with specific gifts and talents. His plan is that everyone can use these to release His love on the earth. Because our sexuality is so deeply woven into our being, it is essential that we understand it so that we can be the best, unique ‘self’ that God has made us.

Q:      What has my sexuality got to do with my purpose and calling in life?
A: The way we feel about our bodies, and our sexuality, strongly affects the way in which we negotiate our purpose in life. If we do not understand what healthy sexuality development and expression involves, we are likely to live a destructive life that will not result in us fulfilling our purpose on earth.

Q: How do I know if my sexuality is not whole?
A: Unfortunately, everyone in the world is sexually broken. We all need to take responsibility for learning, understanding and living out a healthy sexuality that is not destructive.


Q:      How could I use the information I get from this site?
A:     Among many other ways …

  • It can help you to learn about your own sexuality.
  • As a parent, you can learn how to encourage healthy sexuality in your children by providing relevant, age appropriate information.
  • You can grow in your understanding and compassion for those who are struggling with gender issues.
  • You can learn the role that sexuality plays in relationships.
  • You might be a teacher or pastor wanting to help individuals or groups to understand phases of sexuality and how to best embrace and thrive in them.

Please see more under the ‘Topics’, and ‘How we do it?’ sections.

Q:      Surely sexuality is just ‘in me’ and a reflex like any bodily function. Why do I need to understand it?
A:     While our sexuality may come very naturally to us in the form of urges and instincts, because humanity is ‘fallen’, our moral compass is not always true. We all learn about sexuality through many different means whether they be personal exploration; through our families; our religious beliefs; the society we live in etc., and it is important for us to take stock of why we express our sexuality in a certain way, and consider the most healthy way to express it. This might not be instinctual.